Trans/Air Manufacturing Corporation was started in 1979 and has been successfully manufacturing the highest quality transportation air conditioning systems in the industry using a single, basic premise: Make a quality product and stand behind it.

This corporate mission statement is evident in everything we do - from our industry-pioneering research and development department, to our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. It is also the reason we demand high performance from our products, which are supported by one of the best international service networks.

Our customer's needs come first, and the Trans/Air "Total Quality Management" program drives the company to remain totally committed in providing the highest quality and defect-free products in the industry, as well as the most responsive and flexible customer service program.

We've developed an enviable reputation as one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioning systems by understanding the needs of our customers first, and then delivering products and services that respond to unique situations.

Trans/Air Manufacturing, Corp. is setting new standards of comfort, reliability, and value for climate control in conventional, electric and hybrid buses and coaches. We were awarded ISO 9001 Registration in July 1998 and certified to the new ISO:9001:2008 in May 2009. This milestone combined with the expansion of our facilities in Dallastown, PA and the introduction of new products combined with our consumer-driven attitude has propelled us to one of the top positions in the industry. And our desire to continually develop innovative new products and customer service programs has propelled us to the enviable position as a leader in the industry, a distinction we are pleased to have earned and are determined to maintain.